Case Study 7 - Clyde LST Radiators At Abbeyfield Girton Cambridge


The Abbeyfield Green Care Home at Wellbrook Way Girton Clyde LST at The Abbeyfield Green Care Home at Wellbrook Way Girton


Clyde LST at The Abbeyfield Green Care Home at Wellbrook Way Girton


Clyde Energy Solutions Ltd has supplied almost 400 of their Centurion Low Surface Temperature radiators to The Abbeyfield Green Care Home at Wellbrook Way Girton. It's on the outskirts of Cambridge, just a short distance from Girton College, a famous once all ladies college, part of the University of Cambridge. The complex opened in the early Summer 2012.

Clyde Centurion LST's, were not the original units on which the M&E design team based their design. Post tender, the choice to use Clyde units was based partially on price, but primarily for the quality of the units. Many, so called, LST radiators on the market, are merely a steel panel radiator in casing. True LST radiators have a proper heater battery and offer superior rates of heat emission.

Clyde Centurion LST Radiators have a heater battery which mounts on the wall mounting brackets and the whole casing, which is robust, comes fully factory assembled and fixes to the wall brackets with four self taping screws. When the sample unit was taken to site this was a feature noted by the whole team, Main Contractor M&E Coordinator, M&E Consulting Engineer, M&E Contractor and the Client too.

They had considered some other brands of units where the casings have to be site assembled. These were rejected. Components often disappear, go missing, or get damaged on sites, something they had all encountered plus a lot of hassle to sort it out. If not well assembled they also sometimes fall apart at a later date. Hence, the choice to use Clyde was sealed and settled, with no additional labour costs for assembly.

For the full technical details click on the link to the technical Engineering Data Sheet (EDS). PIease contact us if you need any help.

Centurion LST technical Engineering Data Sheet (EDS)
View the Clyde LST Range

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