Case Study 4 - Fan Coil Casing At Ramada Jarvis, Hyde Park


Fancoil Casing at The Ramada Jarvis, Hyde Park

This four star, prominent London Hotel, located fronting Bayswater Road and adjacent to HYDE PARK, has around 200 bedrooms. The hotel was originally built with a peripheral, rather than a bulkhead corridor, fan coil enclosure system, to provide heating and cooling to all rooms. The fan coil casing runs the full width in the vast majority of the rooms. The aging fan coils were in a very poor condition, through the passing of time. With the original fan coil unit manufacturer no longer in business, refurbishing them was not an option. The continuous fan coil enclosure casings also looked tired with age and the hotel management decided to refurbish the whole lot throughout. Hockley Building Services Ltd. asked Eddy Warren from Supaflex - Agents for BGP Services Ltd., to look at the problem. Hockley Building Services installed new fan coil units throughout and asked BG to design, manufacture and install the new casing during 2006. The hotel was almost fully functional throughout the operation, by refurbishing a small group of rooms at any one time. Perimeter fan coil casing systems are much less common nowadays but BGP Services Ltd. have provided many varied solutions like this, perimeter heating and floor trench heating along with radiant heating panel by their sister company Alpha Radiant Systems Ltd. for Hospitals, Offices, Hotels, Airports,  Sports Halls, Laboratories, Libraries and so on.

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