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Spartan Aquamaster Pressurisation Range

Aqua Master Pressurisation Image   The Spartan Aquamaster is a cost effective, packaged, sealed system unit. Its design makes it ideal for even the most compact of plant rooms.

An expansion vessel is sealed seperately allowing Aquamaster to be incorporated into small/medium sized systems.

The Aquamaster has the advantage of quick "on site" connection, and the electrical components are all terminated in a single control box.

Aquamaster units can be supplied with duplicate pumps for heating and chilled systems.


For automaticall filling and maintaining minimum pressure within heating and chilled water systems.

Break tank and ball valve
Volt free contacts for high / low pressure
High low pressure switches
On / off switch and pressure gauge
320mm high
355mm wide
205 mm deep
Technical Details Standard Unit
Fill pressure 0.5 - 4.0 bar
Electrical supply 240v, 1 phase
F.L.C. 1.0 amp
Water supply connector 1/2" bsp
System connection 1/2" bsp
Colour Red
Weight 8kg

Spartan Aquafil SU Pressurisation Range

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