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Clyde supply large Modular Condensing Boilers, the Clyde Unical Modulex and Super Modulex which are sized up to 900 kw. Please click on the links below.

Modulex Multiple Burner Technology

Modular Boilers

Technical Engineering Data Sheet (EDS)
Modular Boiler CIBSE CPD Presentation

As presented in a Joint Evening CPD Seminar for CIBSE and the HVCA. This can also be done in individual offices over a 1 hour lunchtime. Please contact us if you would like to set one up in your office. The Clyde Technical Director's time permitting. Tel. 01223 874234

Clyde also supply much larger 3 pass, reverse flame, steel shell & tube boilers up to 4 Mw, the Clyde Unical Ellprex. Please click on the link below to the see the full technical (EDS)

Technical Engineering Data Sheet (EDS)

Clyde XC-K Condensing Stainless Steel Boiler

Clyde XC-K Condensing Stainless Steel Boiler

Clyde XC-K Engineering Data Sheet (EDS)

Complete range of Clyde Condensing Boilers

Wall Hung:

  • Clyde CG - Wall Hung all Stainless Steel Gas Condensing Boilers 60,80,100,120,150 and 180 KW
  • Clyde Unical Alkon - Wall Hung Aluminium Alloy Gas Condensing Boilers 50 and 70 KW

Floor Standing:

  • Clyde Unical Alkon Aluminium Alloy Gas Condensing Boiler 90 KW
  • Clyde Unical Modulex & Super Modulex Modular Aluminium Alloy Sectional Gas Condensing Boilers - Low NOx, Very High Turn Down Ratio, Super Silent, Multiple Down Firing Radiant Pre-mix Gas Burners – One In Each Section
  • Modulex (50 KW Modules) 100,145,190,240,290 and 340 KW Super Modulex (110 KW Modules) 440,550,660,770 and 900 KW
  • Modulex are now available with an all weatherproof casing for external use – model ext (commonly a feature used on the continent for plant on the roof without a costly plantroom)
  • Clyde Unical XC-K - 3 Pass Reverse Flame Forced Draught Stainless Steel Condensing Boilers – From 124 KW Up To Almost 2.2 MW
  • The XC-K Boilers Can Be Fitted With Gas, Oil Or Dual Fuel Burners

Complete range of Clyde High-Efficiency Steel Boilers

Floor Standing:

  • Clyde Unical Ellprex Reverse flame 3 pass steel shell & tube boilers for Natural Gas, Class D Oil or with Dual Fuel burners From 130KW to 4MW (Also to be made at 7MW)
    The clyde unical ellprex in the standard form above is rated at 6 bar working pressure. It can also now be produced at 10 bar working pressure to suit the higher static heads on basement plant. Both 6 bar and 10 bar models can be fitted with condensing economizers.
  • Clyde Unical Trio 3 pass steel boilers for Natural Gas, Class D Oil or with Dual Fuel burners From 110KW to 1900KW

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