ACS Wall Mounted


ACS Wall Mounted

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2.6Kw Wall Mounted - Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Similarly available in larger sizes 3.5kw, 5.2kw, 7.0kw & 8.2kw. Inverter models also available 2.5kw & 3.2kw. Corner splits can also be supplied at 3.5kw. For full details of all options, price and installation services. Please contact us through this site.

wall mounted

  • Cooling / Heating / Dehumidifying / ventilating.
  • Micro Processor Control.
  • Rotary compressor.
  • High Tech Active Carbon Filter.
  • Programmable time with econmoic sleeping mode.
  • Auto Swing.
  • Infra Red remote control with mounting bracket.
  • Pipe run up to 20 metres.
  • Super quiet operation.
  • Standard factor charge to 4 metres.


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